a monkey in the big city

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Where I grew up there were a lot of baboons.
I didn’t like baboons because they were aggressive, loud and always sticking their red butts in your face. I guess they were just territorial. Mine! Mine! Mine! Every inch of space must be disputed. A lot of energy for, most often, nothing.

At work there is a guy named Jack. He is big and loud and pretends I don’t exist. When I talk to a nice woman at work named Cathy( I think she likes to talk to me because she will smile) Jack walks over and stands with his back to me and talks to her. I think it is mean to pretend someone doesn’t exist. If he ever acknowledges me, it is to roll his eyes at something I said ( I'm certain “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” is a common phrase people say.)

I don’t understand this kind of mean. When monkeys hate each other they jump up and down and scream. I guess Jack is just a different kind of baboon. My mum would say that they are just more territorial than me and don’t let it bother me but I’m sick of them sticking their red butts in my face.

I'm sorry to be kind of mad today. I will be a happy monkey tomorrow ;o)

Friday, November 24, 2006

a thought

I thought I might get a tattoo
Someplace where no one would ever see it
Maybe on my stomach
A banana tattoo
I like this idea
I don’t know what my mum would have thought
I worry about that
But she did like bananas

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cutting the Rug :-)

Sometimes on the weekend I go to the local senior center on ballroom dancing night.(Waltzes mostly)
It’s 4 women to 1 man. All of them rotating around the room in slow motion to scratchy old 78’s.
The old women don’t seam to notice I’m a monkey. At times they squint at me through their glasses.
I feel like an old movie star, dashing and debonair (Yes me Ha Ha).
I bow to the ladies and they smile. "Shall we dance?" We take tiny steps and move around the room.
They are grouchy if you step on their feet.
Spinning around the room I try a fancy move and my partner, an 80-year-old woman, giggles.
It is an odd sound both childlike and ancient.
I giggle too. I guess I'm not so debonair :-}

Saturday, November 04, 2006

On the Roof

I love rooftops!
I climb to the rooftop of my apartment for my dinner most every night.
The city hums.
It hums with energy like a child that can’t sit still.
People try so hard.
Everyone is rushing somewhere
Buzz buzz whoosh whoosh
I think it is touching,
all that frantic trying.

Treetops in the jungle are quiet.
All is pretty calm unless someone is being killed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Banana

Ha! Ha! Yes, monkeys like bananas. No news flash there.
But maybe it’s deeper

As a teen I had a friend named Alonzo and we had an ongoing joke about our love of the banana and our philosophy : ) of the perfection of the banana.
The curve, the yellow, the perfection.
The idea being that the beauty and taste of the banana is the graceful echo of the divine.
A joke but we took it so far it was real to us.
Alonzo was very funny and I miss him. Actually he was an unhappy teen and ran away from the jungle. I hope he is OK.

I was out for a drink with co-workers. We toasted and amidst “cheers!” I said “To the banana!” and they looked at me as if I were very odd. But somewhere Alonzo was smiling.

Friday, October 06, 2006

bow tie

I wear a bow tie
Everyday I do
My mum dressed me when I was little
I hated the bow tie
She thought even in the jungle you could show some class
I little accent of dignity
I sometimes think the world is trying to grab all my dignity
That my life goal is to keep a little bit hidden away for myself
Of course I know this kind of thinking is silly! Ha Ha

a grand bike ride

I was riding my bike today
It can be hard to ride through a crowded city
I imagined myself a knight on a grand horse
The people surfs in awe of me
Watching me but afraid to look
He is kind but has an awesome power
They think
What must his life be like
when I got to work I wished I could give my bike hay and water ha ha

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wow, I'm a blogger. Hi.
A little about me

I am a humble monkey.
When I say I am humble I don’t mean I don’t think grand thoughts of myself.
I mean I am quiet and careful and my gaze looks down.
This is not typical of a monkey.
and as a monkey trying to live in the big city these are not ideal attributes.
But with perseverance I find my way.